ValueCare exchanges knowledge with Sichuan University, China

Last year, ValueCare took its knowledge and lessons global through an exchange programme with care providers and experts in China.  

In June and July 2023, Prof. Hein Raat, Lizhen Ye, and Demi Cheng from the project coordination team at Erasmus MC travelled to China on a study trip to share and exchange knowledge with local researchers and care leaders, supported by the Erasmus+ grant KA107. This was preceded by a trip to the Netherlands by Prof. Huan Zhou and Dr Yuju Wu to learn more about the project directly at the Rotterdam pilot site.   

The ValueCare team presented the project in various institutions including the West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University, located in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The West China School of Public Health is one of the most famous academic institutes in the field of Public Health in China.  ValueCare advisory board member Professor Yuping Mao was also present in Chengdu. 

Following the two trips, the ValueCare coordinating team are engaging with researchers at the West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University, who are looking at how the project can inform the delivery of value-based care in their region.  

Commenting on the value of the trip, Prof Raat, coordinator of ValueCare, said: “This was an incredibly rewarding trip for our project. One of the goals of our project is to create the most complete body of knowledge about value-based care as we can, so we are always open to engaging with anyone who has lessons and experience to share. ‘’ 

“Our trip to China was very enlightening by learning from the challenges and opportunities that exist elsewhere. Applying this knowledge will help us to better understand what is needed to make value-based care a reality across the globe.’’ 

“This exchange has also helped us to build a partnership with the team in Sichuan and we are looking forward to supporting them as they investigate how they can apply our project’s principles to the development of value-based care in their region.” 

Prof. Mao, who has worked closely with the ValueCare team as an advisor, shared the significance of bringing the project to her own community in China.

“The Chengdu trip to share ValueCare Project knowledge carries not only academic but also personal significance to me. It was very exciting to see the young scholars in public health in Chengdu, my hometown, expressed great passion and interests in knowledge we gained in this innovative project. In the coming years, I hope more researchers and practitioners will join us to investigate and test ways to provide aging population high quality healthcare in different countries. Working collectively and collaboratively, we can add more value to our family, community, and society by providing better healthcare to our senior citizens.“  

Dr Wu thanked the ValueCare team for the lessons they learned through this collaboration.

“We are very happy to have Prof. Hein’s ValueCare team here in Chengdu, and this project that Prof. Hein’s team is working on are undoubtedly at the forefront of the international scene. We have learned a lot of international experience in improving the health of older people in the community through this academic exchange, and we believe that we can improve the health of older people in China through international collaboration with Prof. Hein’s team.”