Valencia pilot

About the pilot

In the Valencia pilot, the solution aims to improve the quality of life of frail older adults by fostering healthier lifestyles and ageing. This solution will be based on a holistic approach encompassing both health and social care, and accordingly including an integral social and health pathway. Thus, the technical solution will create value for patients, their relatives, and it will also provide a customised health plan for each person supported by social and health professionals.

The Valencia pilot partners developed a plan to perform a series of workshops for the pilot participants over a period of 6 months, delivering one theme each month. The workshops topics were (1) healthy eating for unwanted loneliness, (2) art and cognitive stimulation, (3) ageism and older person abuse, (4) psychology of colours and (5) digital literacy skills. As well, as a result of the pilot intervention, a guidebook on Healthy and Active Aging was elaborated and will be delivered to participants.

Target group:
Valencia pilot is targeted to older adults with mild to moderate frailty, and their families, from one of the vulnerable districts covered by Health Department Valencia- Clínico-Malvarrosa Area.

How it works i.e. how it will use ICT / description:
Valencia ValueCare pilot will test the use of ICT technologies and devices (smartphones and tablets) to motivate adherence to the treatment and healthy lifestyles. In particular, a mobile app will suggest a tailored and individualised health plan prescribed to each participant by GPs. This plan will combine medical and social prescriptions as well as information from community and social services.

Through this free mobile app, patients can easily access useful health information, as well as health services and social activities in their communities. Older adults will be able to control their own health data and check different medical recommendations and prescriptions. For those people that could be affected by the digital divide, ValueCare also provides group sessions for training, motivation and upskilling.

Older adults can receive tailor-made information about physical exercise, cognitive stimulation and healthy habits with the full support of health and social care professionals. Besides, health practitioners can receive and check information on the activity of patients, and they can adapt the customised integrated health plan according to the evolution of participants, among other functionalities.

Experiences of people using ValueCare

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Pilot partners

LAS NAVES is one of the three co-partners of the Valencia Pilot. It is a foundation promoted by València City Council whose aim is to foster urban and social innovation, analysis and evaluation of public policies with people at the center of its innovative actions. LAS NAVES leads the pilot in Spain and collaborates in the definition of user cases and requirements, deployment of the pilot in Valencia (access and support at end users recruitment through communication tasks and tools), engagement with key local stakeholders and users, communication and dissemination (local and national) at the different stages of the project, access to public local services and their professionals, know-how, data, users and infrastructures, and also in the assessment concerning the alignment with the city policies.

Polibienestar Research Institute (UVEG) belongs to the University of Valencia and carries out interdisciplinary research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the fields of health and social policies. ValueCare takes advantage of the institute’s strong leadership position and capacity to carry out number of activities such as (a) policy recommendations and guidelines to advice policy makers in different topics, especially in the promotion of integrated care, chronic conditions management and healthy ageing; (b) use of different assessment tools of health and care systems; (c) identification, analysis and evaluation of policies, programmes and interventions; (d) detection, design and assessment of good practices and initiatives in the field of health promotion, chronic conditions management, integrated care and active and healthy ageing.

Senior Europa (KVC) is a specialised consulting company for R&D supporting services. KVC leads the project’s Quality Control because of its previous experience in R&D consultancy in Horizon 2020 and other funding schemes. Moreover, KVC participates in the recruitment and evaluation of the Spanish pilot, but also to other management and exploitation relevant activities like the legal framework and standardisation.