Project ValueCare
Value-based methodology for integrated care supported by ICT

Project ValueCare is an EU funded project which aims to deliver personalised integrated (health and social) care services, better outcomes for older people and improved care experience. It also aims to improve staff satisfaction and greater efficiency in the use of resources and coordination of care. It will do this in a setting that ensures trust of users and policy makers with regard to data access, protection and sharing and which can be replicated and deployed at large scale in other EU countries.

Enhance the experience of older people through innovative digital solutions

Improve the satisfaction of multidisciplinary care teams

Use resources more efficiently through improved coordination

Improve care outcomes and maintain quality of life for older people with frailties

The latest news from Project ValueCare

The Second Round of Co-Design of The Valuecare Pilot Starts in València

Las Naves, within the framework of the European ValueCare project, this week started the second round of codesign in order to share and receive suggestions on the digital solution and the intervention plan of the pilot in Valencia. Do you want to know how participating in the ValueCare pilot can help you? Watch the informative…

Erasmus MC seek Post-doc researcher for VALUECARE

JOB DESCRIPTION You will be appointed as a post-doc researcher in our team. Your main activities will evolve around the European Horizon 2020 VALUECARE project in 7 European countries. VALUECARE develops and evaluates value based integrated care for older people with the support of new IT applications. We are the leaders of the VALUECARE consortium and take care of…

Frailty: A Public Health Question, Challenges and Opportunities

Within the framework of the European ValueCare project, the Las Naves Innovation Center organizes the webinar “Frailty: A Public Health Question, Challenges and Opportunities”. The event is organized in collaboration with KVELOCE I+D+i – Research, Development and Innovation and the Institute for Social Welfare Policies of the University of Valencia (POLIBIENESTAR). The webinar will take…