Treviso pilot

About the pilot

Target group:
Older citizens with mild cognitive impairments or with high levels of hypertension or T2 diabetes.

The Italian pilot will use an online coaching digital solution at twofold level: (i) one strand is related to formal caregivers, mainly nurses role, providing enhancing their self-care management skills; (ii) the other is to improve the awareness of citizens about how they are running their everyday habits in terms of nutrition, movements, and social relationships making them healthier and connected to the existing prevention and health services and consultancy.

Thanks to the use of wearable technologies IoT and the connection with a central health and behavioural data processing via AI digital solution, AI will deliver constantly feedbacks based on behavioural patterns gathered via IoT information coming from the environmental devices located into private homes such as oven, fridge, doors and other facilities plus the wearable devices chosen.

Based on the AI online, the VALUECARE concept will be addressed to three main health determinants: awareness, cognitive stimulation, physical activity and socialization. In this pilot, the use of rewards will be also considered depending on individual behaviour (such as getting other services opportunities for free) and group results and its dynamics (based on the average age group outcomes such as weight loss, number of kilometres done). The group will be able to donate in amounts of tokens that could be changed into concrete and useful services for those who cannot get access to preventions or care services.

Experiences of people using ValueCare

Video explainer

Pilot partners

Azienda ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana (AULSS2) co-leads the Treviso Pilot with ISRAA. Itis a local health authority in Veneto Region, providing health and social services to an increasing number of older people in the Treviso province. Through an integrated assistance model based on territorial units called “health districts”, it grants the satisfaction of people’s global needs, with particular regards to health and social protection actions. In recent years, AULSS2 has strongly developed homecare solutions to reach the so called “complex patient” (non-autonomous patients, multiple diseases’ affected patients, people living in vulnerable social conditions, etc.), to give global and concrete answers to their needs.

Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero ed Assistenza agli Anziani (ISRAA) is an Italian public older people care provider based in Treviso, where it co-leads the Treviso Pilot. It covers a wide range of older people’s needs and has wide knowledge and experience in assisting older people to remain independent as long as possible despite of their functional and cognitive limitations. ISRAA is member of EIP-AHA initiative as member taking part of D4 AFE group and coordinating C2.5 Group on Business model in care and ICT design for older people, of S.I.P.I. (Italian Society of Psychology on Ageing – Padua University), ENSA Network, ELISAN Network, Nord Sea Dementia Group.