Project Partners

Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC is the largest university medical centre in the Netherlands. In addition to having the largest number of university hospital disciplines in the country, it includes excellent health science and basic research departments. The Department of Public Health is one of the top medical research institutes in Europe. It’s research is conducted in close collaboration with local, national and international public health or health care organizations. The department was the coordination centre of many international studies on health and health care funded by different funding bodies such as the European Commission. Furthermore, research is embedded in the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences research school, which is acknowledged and rated as excellent by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Central themes in the long-term strategy of Erasmus MC is to continuously add value by working with the patient as a partner and with healthy workers. Since 2014 Erasmus MC has developed an extensive program on value-based healthcare.


VIDAVO, is a digital health company established in 2002. All these years it has consistently invested in scientifically proved, market focused products. Our solutions cover a wide range of connected health and self-management (mobile apps & web platforms) for supporting chronic disease (medical), nutrition and weight management (wellness). The company has extensive experience in implementing multi-national Research & Development projects. To this end, it brings forward experience in project management and most importantly in ICT-based services implementations, in terms of business potential and user satisfaction and acceptance, with particular expertise on developing Integrated care systems and specialized mobile health apps. It has an impressive track record in terms of capitalising on research outcomes and turning research results into successful commercial products.


ISRAA is a Public Care provider based in Treviso (IT) that provide four nursing homes for 900 older with limitation in functional and cognitive faculties. Globally there are more than 700 employees and a dedicated staff for older home care in Treviso area looking after 1000 users, half of them suffering of dementia disease. Thanks to a dedicated unit for those with cognitive impairments we provide information, care and support to older and their relatives who are dealing with such a challenging disease. In 2018, “Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing” began, a sheltered housing for elderly where 45 older adults can live in an Age Friendly site in the downtown centre of Treviso. Thanks to European Projects we are improving the innovation in care introducing ICT solutions that foster the independent living and the proactive attitude of older towards the ageing process.

Athens Medical Center (AMC) EL

Athens Medical Group was established in 1984 in order to provide high quality, complete healthcare services. From the first years of its operation it became the leader in Healthcare in Greece. It introduced state-of-the-art medical equipment and secured collaboration with top scientists, providing services equal to those of internationally acclaimed hospitals. Through continuous investments, both in Greece and abroad, Athens Medical Group is one of the most dynamic Healthcare organizations and reliable providers of diagnostic and treatment services in Europe. In Greece, Athens Medical Group runs 8 ultramodern hospitals with 1,200 beds, 4,000 highly qualified physicians and 3,000 highly specialized full-time employees. Athens Medical Center facilities (PHR, LIS, RIS, HIS, PACS) and a large WAN infrastructure can provide all the necessary assets to play a key role as the basic Hospital information system.


ECHAlliance is multi-stakeholder international organization, facilitating connection and knowledge exchange among the players engaged in digital health innovation and deployment, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. Active in Europe and beyond, its community gathers 600+ member organizations and reaches out to a network of 16.500+ experts among governments, health & social care providers, leading companies and start-ups, researchers, insurances, patient organizations, citizens and investors. ECHAlliance facilitates the creation of local, regional and national digital health ecosystems which components gather in regular meetings. The Digital Health Observatory (DHO) portal and the Digital Health Society (DHS) movement, powered by ECHAlliance, are key vehicles to encourage the transfer of lessons learnt and good practices.

International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) NL

IFIC is a not-for-profit network incorporated as a Stichting in the Netherlands. IFIC’s mission is to cross organisational and professional boundaries in order to bring people to together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care in policy and practice. IFIC seeks to achieve this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, clinicians, policy-makers and people who use services, alongside their carers and families throughout the world. A key focus of IFIC is to act as a research hub in partnership with its members and external academic centres internationally. The Foundation’s network extends across the globe with more than 30 international knowledge partners and the recent creation of IFIC collaborative centres in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Canada.


Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)

FBK is the top Research Institute in Italy, ranked 1st place for scientific excellence within 3 different subject areas and for the economic and social impact according to the latest quality of research ANVUR evaluation. Being the result of a history that is more than half a century old, through 2 scientific hubs, one dedicated to technology and innovation and one to human and social sciences, more than 400 researchers, FBK aims to provide excellence in science and technology with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and to the applicative dimension.This is achieved due to their constant attention to collaborations and exchange activities with research organizations, both institutional and corporate, national and international, which extend their innovation capability and involve the community and the local economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.

Caritas Diocesana de Coimbra (CDC) PT

Cáritas Coimbra is an NGO that supports around 25.000 people/year with health, social and education services in the Central Region of Portugal. It has nearly 90 centres (with 129 different services), 1000 workers and 450 volunteers. It is actively involved in many regional, national and international projects and is a member of Ageing@Coimbra, a EIP-AHA reference site with 4 stars; is a founding member and Vice-President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change; Coordinator on the D4 group of the EIP-AHA – Age-friendly Buildings, Cities and Environments and Coordinator of the Stakeholder's Network SHAFE - Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments. It has also been very active on matching digitalization with end-user needs, developing high skills on the assessment and compliance of ethical issues on ICT, usability and easiness of use for people in frail conditions and also on the field development of pilots.

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine (MEDRI) HR

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka was founded in 1955 and in the past six decades, it has grown into a highly educational and scientific institution with an enviable reputation in Croatia and abroad. The Faculty of Medicine is also a place where the educational, professional and scientific – research activities are parallel performed and developed. The Faculty of Medicine is a dynamic research centre of the University of Rijeka with an established research profile and recognisable centres of excellence. It is actively involved in the European Research Area (ERA) and European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and strongly encourages every form of international cooperation that enables the transfer of knowledge and technologies, the increase of the scientific production standard, the quality of teaching as well as the student mobility.

Las Naves

LAS NAVES is a Foundation promoted by València City Council whose aim is to promote urban innovation putting people at the center of innovative action. It accompanies processes and initiatives that can provide innovative solutions to the real problems of citizenship and urban challenges, strengthening the social structures of the territory, through knowledge and technology, putting innovation at the service of citizenship, to contribute to governance and social cohesion. Las Naves aims to make Valencia an innovation city lab to validate innovative solutions and thus to generate evidence that lead to quality decision making on public policies, evaluating them to scale up as public services. The main purpose is to improve health, welfare, autonomy, social inclusion, participation and quality of life of citizens. Hence, Las Naves deploys within the city Living labs and pilot projects that test and validate innovative technologies and solutions tackling with city challenges.

Alliance for integrated Care (AFIC) EL

AFIC is a not for profit organization consisting of young scientists with experience in the field of health and social integration and experienced experts with vast experience in relevant issues both in Greece and abroad. AFIC offers "Social Innovation" services to vulnerable and specific population groups. AFIC is a recognized Scientific Association from the Athens Court of First Instance, with a date of first registration on February 28, 2017. It is a member of the Covenant of Demographic Change within the EU and a member of the B3 action group of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing initiative of the E.C.

Senior Europa (KVC)

Senior Europa (K-veloce I+D+i) is a research and development consultancy established in 2006. The company specialises in the development, implementation and exploitation of R&D projects. It collaborates and has among their clients several national and regional authorities and Research centres. It has developed its own methodology for monitoring projects, which allows an accurate control of the tasks and activities performed but also the impact assessment processes. Furthermore, the company has strong expertise in knowledge management and technology transfer for companies, with expertise as well in the development of strategic plans to manage the innovation and transfer it to market.

Vodafone Innovus

Vodafone Innovus is an Innovative end-to-end IoT solutions provider, founded in Athens, Greece in 2004 and a fully owned Vodafone subsidiary since 2012. Always pushing the boundary of innovation by developing cutting edge solutions, Vodafone Innovus is widely recognised by several market intelligence providers as a significant partner of Vodafone Global IoT, offering IoT customer solutions on a global scale. From its diverse IoT terminal portfolio with a choice of connectivity and its own central IoT platform, all the way to rich web & mobile UIs and installation, consulting and integration services, Vodafone Innovus offers end to end solutions for the digital era. An active company, engaging with customers all over the world, Vodafone Innovus has a wide range of capabilities.


Azienda ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana is a local health authority in Veneto Region, providing health and social services to all the inhabitants of Treviso province, with an increasing number of immigrants and old people, in line with regional and national trends. LHA2 provides social services with health relevance, aiming to support people whose health conditions are influenced by disability or exclusion. Moreover, in strict collaboration with municipalities’ social departments, health districts analyse community trend and phenomena, share services knowledge, answer to the information needs at different levels (single users, families, associations and community aggregation). In recent years, LHA2 has strongly developed homecare solutions to reach the so called “complex patient” (non-autonomous patients, multiple diseases’ affected patients, people living in vulnerable social conditions, etc.), to give global and concrete answers to their needs.

Polibienestar Research Institute (UVEG) ES

Polibienestar Research Institute is a public research institute from the University of Valencia. Polibienestar is composed by an interdisciplinary team, more than a hundred professionals in eight Spanish and two international universities working together to study health and social phenomena, including experts on psychology, sociology, political science, social work, medicine, economy, law, education engineering, and architecture. This allows us to carry out interdisciplinary research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the fields of health and social policies. Polibienestar also advises the Administration and private entities in the design, planning and implementation of health and social policies and services. Additionally, Polibienestar presents a broad experience in cooperation and participation in European networks due to its active role in European research and policy design.

University College Dublin (UCD)

University College Dublin is one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities, where a comprehensive suite of strong disciplines forms the foundation of high-quality interdisciplinary research, scholarship and innovation. UCD is the national leader in research funding, attracting quality investment that has helped the university to establish a reputation as a world-class destination for leading researchers. The university has a highly developed support structure for its research, including finance, project management and innovation. As part of the UCD Research and Innovation unit, NovaUCD is the hub of innovation-related activities at University College Dublin. NOVA UCD specialises in addressing the innovation, commercialisation and impact of the research emerging from the university.

AGE Platform Europe (AGE) BE

AGE Platform Europe is a European network of 110 organizations of and for people aged 50+ representing over 40 million older people in Europe. AGE works on a wide range of policy areas and research projects that impact on older and retired people. The purpose of AGE work is to voice and promote the interests of the 190 million inhabitants aged 50+ in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that concern them most. AGE seeks to give a voice to older and retired people in the EU policy debates, through the active participation of their representative organisations at EU, national, regional and local levels, and provides a European platform for the exchange of experience and best practices.