Athens Consortium Meeting

On April 20th and 21st, the ValueCare team met in person at the Athens Medical Centre headquarters in Greece. This meeting allowed us to work together to reflect on our results and plan for the remainder of our project.

At our last meeting in November, held at Las Naves in Valencia, Spain, we put together sturdy plans to help us reach some of our outstanding goals. In Athens, we were all delighted to look back and see how well these plans had worked out.

In those months, we managed to hit our pilot recruitment targets, have a successful review with the European Commission, improve our app, and share more knowledge with our peers, among many other successes.

In Athens, we heard stories from each of our pilots about the people who are taking part in the ValueCare trials. We also looked ahead at the coming year and discussed our exploitation plan for the project, as well as many other tasks. We also held a very fruitful meeting with our advisory board, who gave really valuable advice on how to maximise success in many different parts of our project.

As we head into the final year of the ValueCare project, this was a great moment for us to reflect and put plans together that will set us up for success. This is an exciting time for our project, and we look forward to our next in person meeting, to be held in Dublin this November.