ValueCare at the AICIC23 in Dublin Ireland

On March 23rd, ValueCare made a big impact at the All-Ireland Conference for Integrated Care (AICIC23) in Dublin, Ireland.

Organised by ValueCare’s communications partner, IFIC, and held on the campus of University College Dublin (UCD), our Cork-Kerry pilot leads, this is the largest annual integrated care conference on the island of Ireland.

Both Alejandro Gil-Salmerón from IFIC and Dr Andrew Darley from UCD presented on ValueCare at a workshop on European projects.

Dr Darley also had a conference poster and ValueCare had an exhibit in the main hall.

The conference was attended by health and care leaders from across Ireland, many of whom have been involved in our Cork-Kerry pilot.

ValueCare will also have a big presence at IFIC’s next conference, the International Conference for Integrated Care in Antwerp, Belgium in May.