The Second Round of Co-Design activities takes place in Treviso!

In the first months of 2021 proejct partners ISRAA and AULSS2, at the Treviso pilot, organized the first round of co-design activities of the ValueCare project, involving 60 people: 20 seniors, 22 informal caregivers, 10 health and social practitioners and 8 managers. The main objective was to provide relevant input for the development of the ValueCare concept and ICT solution. The activities were organised in focus groups, some individual interviews and using SoCaTel platform.

In August 2021, the second round of co-design activities began. The aim of which is to confirm that the ICT solution, to be proposed, meets the requirements expressed in the first round of activities. The participants were able to observe some examples of the future app, virtual coach and dashboard, before implementation, and thus it was possible to collect relevant information to improve its use and avoid mistakes.

The Treviso pilot currently involved 18 health and social practitioners. They underline that in order to facilitate the use of the app, it is important to build a good and strong relationship with the older patient. The app, from a first explanation, seemed functional to the objectives of the implementation phase of the project and easy to use.

The focus groups will continue in the next months, as ISRAA and AULSS2 will have to involve and meet also the other expected targets, that is: 20 older people, 20 informal caregivers, 3 managers, 3 stakeholders and 3 policy makers.
The carrying out of these activities is essential for the start of the implementation phase of the project, which is foreseen between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.