Cáritas Coimbra organized an Ethics Workshop for ValueCare large scale pilot partners

The ValueCare project – Value-based methodology for integrated care supported by ICT – aims to deliver a personalized integrated (health and social) care app and platform, specially built to improve:

  • The quality and outcomes of the care provided to older people;
  • Their satisfaction regarding health and social care providers (including also their formal caregivers and families);
  • The efficiency and coordination of health and social care resources either national or European wide.

The ValueCare solution will be tested in 7 large scale pilot sites across Europe – The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Ireland – involving 240 older adults, as their main social and health caregivers and their close family members.

As coordinator of the task “Ethical Protocols”, Caritas Coimbra (CDC) proposed to the remaining partners involved in “Ethics and Data Protection” – Polibienestar, University of Valencia (UVEG) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) – to organize an Ethics Workshop for all pilot partners in ValueCare. It was aimed at presenting the main requirements to ensure legal compliance and ethical conduct in the implementation and evaluation processes in all 7 sites, as the main procedures for guaranteeing data protection and privacy of the pilot participants in ValueCare.

The event was held on June 23rd and attended by almost 20 participants. It was moderated by Tamara Alhambra (UVEG), and presented by Sofia Ortet (CDC), Natália Machado (CDC) and Sara Testa (FBK), as speakers.

The ValueCare consortium includes 17 European entities, funded by the Programme Horizon 2020 of the European Union, under the Grant Agreement No. 875215.