Dementia in COVID-19

Project ValueCare presented its innovative co-design approach during the ECHAlliance’s 7th PopUpEcosystem Webinar

On 10th June, Project ValueCare had the opportunity to participate in the 7th PopUp Ecosystem Webinar: Dementia in COVID-19 Times, within the PopUpEcosystem webinar series organized by ECHAlliance. They give the opportunity to bring the perspective and experience of who are in the “trenches” in this time of crisis.

The presentation, addressed to European experts, focused on what are the main alternatives to usual care (digital and non-digital ones) to support people with dementia and how to adapt numerous activities regarding projects on dementia, with new sustainable and effective solutions.

Stefania Macchione represented one of the pilot sites involved in the ValueCare project focussing on mild cognitive impairment. During her presentation, details have been given on how the ValueCare vision and methodology, supported by a robust, secure and scalable digital solution to be tested and evaluated in seven large-scale pilots in Europe, will be the result of co-creation activities between the project partners and the stakeholders (older people and their families, health and social care professionals and managers),  to better address their needs. The digital solution will guarantee the tracking of people’s conditions through Artificial Intelligence, in order to improve the self-management of health and prevent the worsening of mild and moderate dementia and other diseases. Besides, it allows to support remotely patients and caregivers, creating an Integrated Care Plan, as the best case scenario in such types of health crisis.

The Co-design activities brings the opportunity to identify common challenges and values and discuss how best to address them. As the core of the project to deliver the best outcome-based integrated care, their description have been presented. In COVID–19 time, co-design activities are forcing the Consortium to implement new ways to engage and work together with the ValueCare relevant actors, mostly relying on digital communication and video conferencing technologies to respect the social distancing imposed by the health emergency. Those digital tools have demonstrated their capability to support older people with dementia and caregivers online and are allowing the continuation of the co-design activities, thus avoiding major negative impacts and delays on the work planned within ValueCare project.

If you missed it, here is webinar (video below) and you can download the presentation here.