Value-based Healthcare – Implementing and measuring a value-based care model in Italy

On 31 March 2023, in the splendid setting of the ‘Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon‘ in Treviso, the seminar ‘Value-based Healthcare – Implementing and measuring a value-based care model in Italy’ was held.

Several national and international professionals spoke on this increasingly important and topical issue in Italian and European healthcare.

Jan A. Hazelzet, Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam) and Fred van Eenennam, The Decision Group (Amsterdam), through their lectio magistralis, spoke about the value-based healthcare model in Europe.

Elisa Conti, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa) and William Balzi, IRST ‘Dino Amadori’ (Forlì-Cesena) presented the application of this model in the Italian context.

Psychologists Sara Ceron, Stefania Macchione (ISRAA) and Chiara Da Ronch (AULSS2) presented the ValueCare project in Treviso.

Finally, Eng. Giancarlo Bizzarri (Punto Zero Scarl Regione Umbria), Dr. Maurizio Gallucci (CDCD – AULSS2), Dr. Silvia Sturniolo (UNIPD) and two project participants took part in the round table ‘Towards Value-based: what opportunities and what barriers? Stakeholders in comparison’.

Thanks to ULSS2 Marca Trevigiana, in the person of Elena Procaccini, and to ISRAA, in the person of Oscar Zanutto, for moderating and organising this event.

Thanks to all those who participated and attended!