The Second Round of Co-Design of The Valuecare Pilot Starts in València

Las Naves, within the framework of the European ValueCare project, this week started the second round of codesign in order to share and receive suggestions on the digital solution and the intervention plan of the pilot in Valencia.

Do you want to know how participating in the ValueCare pilot can help you? Watch the informative video of the European project here .

The innovation centre of the Valencia City Council, Las Naves, has organized this week a first codesign meeting at the Salvador Pau health centre together with professionals from the social and health care sector and older people.

The second codesign meeting was held in Las Naves and had the participation of caregivers and older people. In both meetings, attendees have had the opportunity to learn in detail and give their opinion on two fundamental points of the project, the digital solution with which they are going to work and the pilot intervention plan.

This round of meetings precedes the initial one in which the needs to be covered with the pilot were studied and investigated. During the next few weeks, the Valencia ValueCare team will continue to work on the codesign process with meetings together with municipal staff, municipal service providers, older people, social and health care workers, among others.