A total of 120 frail elderly people will have a personalized health plan thanks to participating in the ValueCare pilot

Project financed by the H2020 program of the European Commission

A total of 120 frail elderly people will have a personalized health plan thanks to participating in the ValueCare pilot

/ The first interventions of the ValueCare project that promotes healthy aging through a personalised health plan begin.

/ Participating patients will have the support of the 35 health and social care professionals involved in the pilot.

/ All people over 65 years of age with a frail state of health belonging to the health centers integrated in the pilot can participate.

The pilot in the city of Valencia of the European ValueCare project began its most important phase this morning with the first intervention in the Benimaclet health centre by a team made up of medical, nursing, and social work professionals.

All the people who participate in the pilot will be able to have their own personalised vale-based health plan, as it is designed through shared decisions with the patient.

Specifically, 35 professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing and social work from the following health centres participate in the pilot: Alfahuir, Benimaclet, Chile, República Argentina, Salvador Pau, Serrería I and Tavernes Blanques. They all belong to the Hospital Clínico-Malvarrossa health department.

This professional team has the information previously obtained through a questionnaire with scientifically validated scales that help assess the following 4 needs: physical activity, nutrition, social prescription and adherence to medication.

The next pilot milestone is planned for this May. Thanks to this APP, users will be able to receive information on nutrition, exercises or healthy habits in a personalised way and supported by a health professional.

For all those people who may be affected by the digital divide, ValueCare also includes group training and education sessions.

Local ValueCare Consortium

The project has the following local partners: the innovation center of the Valencia City Council, Las Naves, UVEG-Polibienestar and K-Veloce, as well as the collaboration of the Hospital Clínico, the INCLIVA Foundation and the Valencia City Council through the municipal social services.

People interested in participating in the Valencia pilot can be informed by calling 667048253 or by sending an email to valuecare@lasnaves.com.