Focus groups in Treviso Pilot site

On November 5th, one of the main activities of the ValueCare project, the focus group expected by the co-design activities, started in the Treviso Pilot site.  The co-design activity took place at Faber (Fabbrica Europa), through small focus groups with family members of people with cognitive impairment. The aim was to share their experience regarding social and health services and create new proposals for the future.

The first of the two scheduled meetings dealt with the topic of what has value for family members in the approach to services? What matters most? What are the aspects to improve in the health and social services? What are the biggest challenges in their role as caregivers?

In the second appointment, the theme will be how technology can help in the integration of services and support families, and together with caregivers, a model of a simple technological solution for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment, will be co-created starting from a basis developed with the technical partners.

The co-design activities have been conducted also with the second main target, that is professionals. Their interesting point of view on what can be improved in the care plan of MCI patients is fundamental in order to create an integrated care model based on value.

Both the targets, highlighted the lack of integration between services, the lack of a common point that could link to all the services and where to find concrete information and solutions, and last, but not the least, the lack of services in between the MCI diagnosis and the worsening of the disease. This crucial point is also supported by the consideration that more integration between social and health services and GPs is relevant as, this last figure, could become one of the main central points in MCI care.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, ISRAA was able to organize face-to-face meetings with a small number of participants (maximum 5), but some other options will be proposed to participants. Some online focus groups are planned with older people using WhatsApp video or other online platforms (i.e. GoToMeeting, Zoom) suggested from the partners. The next steps are the organization of a second round of focus groups with caregivers based on the co-creation of the digital solution, and in the meantime, other professionals and managers will be reached in order to engage them in the next co-design activities.