D3.7 ValueCare Virtual Coach 

May 16, 2022

The objective of this deliverable (D3.7) is to present the ValueCare virtual coach functionality, the underlying  technologies  that  enable  its  implementation,  the  different  intervention  instances  that were defined for each pilot and the steps involved from the definition of the interventions up to the final corresponding software implementation.

D4.2 ValueCare implementation plan for each pilot site

November 11, 2021

D4.2 ValueCare implementation plan for each pilot site   The purpose of this deliverable 4.2 is to provide the ValueCare implementation plan in each pilot site. This deliverable includes sample recruitment and recruitment strategies, preparatory activities and implementation plan.  

D4.1 Guidelines to adapt the ValueCare model to pilot sites

June 14, 2021

This deliverable provides the general framework of the ValueCare concept for pilot site implementation. It includes practical guidance to implement the ValueCare model in each pilot site. Furthermore, preparatory activities were defined that need to be conducted prior to pilot implementation.

D2.2 Identify data needed – start-term

June 14, 2021

This deliverable provides an overview of all data collected during the ValueCare intervention and follow-up. It identifies the general clerical and clinical data needed, and pilot-specific data needed to respond to the ValueCare concept, including the ICT support requirements.

D.2.7 Report on the co-design activities for the ValueCare concept

May 26, 2021

  This deliverable presents the results of the first round of co-design activities implemented in ValueCare pilot sites and new guidance to develop the second round of co-design activities according to the project needs. The first round of co-design activities provided relevant inputs for the development of the ValueCare concept and digital solution. The new…

ValueCare D5.1 – Agreed-upon pilot sites evaluation framework

May 10, 2021

This deliverable describes the evaluation of the ValueCare approach. The aim is to evaluate the ValueCare approach in a pre-post controlled design in terms of effects for the target groups (older people, their families, and health and social care providers). The second objective is to evaluate different dimensions of the ‘process’. In this deliverable, a…

ValueCare D.2.4 Engagement strategy for the VALUECARE concept co-design mid-term

May 10, 2021

This Deliverable (D2.4) is part of Work Package 2 and concerns the feedback from the first round of engagement actions undertaken in each ValueCare Pilot Site in relation to the target groups foreseen by the ValueCare Project namely: patients/service users and informal caregivers, care practitioners, and public and private decision-makers responsible for the adoption of…

ValueCare D6.1_Project Website, Branding and Templates

September 10, 2020

ValueCare project website and the project’s style guide, consisting of its branding elements and guidelines for easing internal communication between partners and maximising the impact of external communication and dissemination activities.

ValueCare D2.6_Report on the co-design activities for the VALUECARE concept start-term

September 10, 2020

This deliverable presents the guidelines to develop the co-design activities (national seminars, focus groups and world cafes) according to the target groups to be involved in pilot sites (end users – older people and families, health and social care practitioners and managers.

ValueCare D2.3_ Engagement Strategy for the VALUECARE concept co-design start-term

September 10, 2020

Describes the strategies to engage end-users in the co-design activities and in the piloting of the ValueCare project’s implementation.