ValueCare – Valencia Pilot Celebrates Online Course in Value-Based Health Care

The ValueCare Valencia pilot partners, Las Naves (the innovation center of the Valencia’s city council), Instituto Polibienestar, and KVeloce, in collaboration with the INCLIVA Foundation of the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia celebrate the Online Course in Value-Based Health Care.

The online course was offered to health and social care professionals of the Valencian Region and the “students” attended the course online from the 5th to the 7th of October. The main target of the course were the professionals of the seven primary care centres participating in the ValueCare project, while it was also open to other interested institutions in health and social care. A total of 50 students attended the course and completed the online test at the end of the week, providing them with a certificate from the INCLIVA Foundation upon completion.

On day 1, the course was opened by the medical director of the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia, Dr. Jorge Navarro, who explained the importance of basing the health care system on value. The Valencia pilot was presented by Rachael Dix, the R+D+I technician of the Valencia pilot of Las Naves and focused on how ValueCare is creating value for the participants of the pilot.

The outline of the course program was designed by the ValueCare Valencia pilot and approved by Erasmus Medical Centre, the ValueCare coordinators. The classes were given by experts in the field of Value-based care in Spain and were divided into content in the following themes:

Day 1: Fundamental concepts and strategies

Day 2: Measurement and evaluation

Day 3: Implementation and practice


Dr. Gloria Gálvez of Hospital Vall d’Hebron describes the process of how patient value was created.


Dr. Jordi Amblàs Novellas of the Health Department of Generalitat of Catalunya used the Valencia pilot’s “Vicente” to show how integrated social and health care can add “value”.


The online course in Value-Based Health Care was fundamental for the health and social care professionals to complete in order to offer Value-Based Care to the participants of the ValueCare Valencia pilot participants.

Rachael Dix is an R+D+I technician and local pilot coordinator of the Valencia pilot of ValueCare at Las Naves, Valencia, Spain.