Exciting new animation video coming!

The communications team for the ValueCare project, led by IFIC, are currently developing an exciting series of animation videos to effectively aid in the dissemination of the ValueCare project. The aim of the videos is to give an overview of ValueCare in a clear and effective manner and to engage with our stakeholders.

The communications team will work closely with each of the pilot site leads to create these short informative animation videos. A total of seven explainer videos will be created, one for each of the pilot sites which are Athens, Coimbra, Cork/Kerry, Rijeka, Rotterdam, Treviso and Valencia. While all the videos will have a similar narrative and aim, each video will be adapted to the language, culture, target group and specific work carried out in each region.

There are many fundamental steps in order to create these videos. Understanding the work and aims of each pilot site is vital to the success of the videos, therefore strong communication between the comms team and pilot leads is essential. From the feedback and information gathered from each pilot lead, a creative brief and expectations will be established. Taking into account the core messages we wish to communicate, we begin writing a simple yet engaging script. To accompany the script and connect our narrative to visuals, a storyboard is created, a sequence of images of how we visualize the end result, playing out scene-by-scene. Once we have a strong narrative and message, we record a voiceover to deliver and enhance our story. With the framework of our explainer video now well established, the final step is to create and edit the animation using an animation software of our choice. For this project we have employed Toonly, an easy to use tool for creating animation explainer videos.  This software offers a diverse array of characters and backgrounds, where scenes can be created using a simple click and drag method, enabling users to create conceptual, character-driven or evocative video projects.

The creation of these videos will be extremely beneficial as they are engaging, high-converting, highly shareable and the most effective method of promotion. Through the use of toonly we will create wonderful animated explainer videos to entertain, engage, and have a positive effect on all viewers. Each of our videos will focus on telling the captivating stories of individuals which will compel viewers to continue watching to discover what will happen. These videos will help humanize the ValueCare project, educate and connect with our stakeholders through easy to understand content that’s entertaining to watch.

The first of our videos will focus on the Cork/Kerry pilot site where frail older citizens with mild to moderate frailty will be supported to live well in the community. This video is due to be released later this summer, so be sure to keep an eye out!